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VALOORES empowers decision making, helping people and businesses around the globe reach their targets. Founded in 1989 in France, the Company is a pioneer in Master Data Governance, Retail & Merchandising, Supply Chain Optimization, KYC, Regulatory Compliance, Financial Crime - AML & Fraud, Predictive Analytics and Data Science to improve their on-going operations, executions and decisions.

VALOORES in'Multimedia Solutions
"Creativity is intelligence having fun." ~ Albert Einstein

  • in'Communication

    We can help all entities from retailers, bankers, insurance companies, NGO’s, travel agencies and many others communicate their messages in the best way with a state of the art Web functions, design and CMS (Content Management System) with advanced features ... Read more

  • in'Branding

    We work on your branding strategy by focusing on these attributes to build you a powerful identity: Folders, Posters, Letterhead, Business Cards, Media Kits, Logo Design, Newsletters, Magazine Ads, Invitations, Calendars, Flyers, Book Covers, Note Pads … Read more


VALOORES in'Multimedia Services

"Always give people more than what they expect to get."

Responsive Websites

We create for you a professional website tailored to your liking to give you a competitive strong presence in the market. Responsive on all devices.


Video Production

Videos are important for your business today! It’s a powerful advertising & describes what your products/services are all about. It can turn leads into actual customers & engage them effectively.



A content management system (CMS) allows you to create, edit, manage and maintain website pages and offline/online applications on a single interface. Easy to use as drag and drop!



Developing your brand is important because a positive brand image will give consumers, and other interested stakeholders, confidence about the full range of your products and activities.


“Thank you so very much for the heart and mind that you have put into my website. It is vivid in every detail of its work. This is not only my opinion, it is that of a communications expert. Mr Ramsay Najjar, a friend who happened to talk to me yesterday.”
Raed H. Charafeddine, First Vice-Governor at Banque du Liban

“Congratulations on the revamped website! We enjoyed browsing it! Overall, the website is modern in its look and feel, whereby you succeeded in adding dynamism, as we previously recommended. Indeed, the selected design is reflective and reminiscent of news websites and blogs that are consulted daily by users. When it comes to content, the categorization of information makes it easier for the user to access the content and enjoy it.”
Ramsay G. Najjar, Strategic Communication Consultancy

“I would like to thank you for the first iteration of Riad Salamé’s website. The user can easily feel the touch of excellence through the smooth colors and the attractive design.”
Khaled Bohsali, Director at Banque Du LIBAN

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VALOORES in'Multimedia Communication is implementing a Human Resources policy based on performance and professional development for managers and their teams, offering everyone the opportunity to express their talent. You commit to customer service, for performance and solutions excellence; we are committed to your development and your career. At VALOORES in'Multimedia Communication, all employees have access to training and accountability and are recognized for their performance and commitment. VALOORES in'Multimedia Communication teams worldwide share simple yet strong values and are committed to a policy of sustained growth without losing sight of quality and intelligence of our Solutions. Our entire organization is centered on satisfying our clients. Read More